Friday, December 8, 2017

4chan QAnon Meaning without Thinking

First, we have to look at the big picture, for decades the U.S. has been controlled by Luciferian candle burners.  We all know now we've been lead astray by our Deep State government, how else could the structure of economics and war in our society be so dysfunctional?  An article of an ICE agent will shed much light on our present history, his words left on a note before he took his own life, Godspeed to this patriot, his family, co-workers and friends.  We have lost many military personal because of suicide caused by this dysfunction in U.S. government. 

ICE Agent:

“The America I grew up in, and cherished has been murdered by its own federal government.  Our Constitution has become meaningless and our laws politicized so badly, they are no longer enforced except for political purposes” the note said. “Our elected officials are, to a person, utterly corrupt and completely devoid of any love or respect for the country which pays them.  To them, everything is about getting and keeping power, and making illicit money from backroom deals.”

“I was hired to enforce the law; to capture and deport people who come to this country against our laws.  But now, if I dare to do that, I face being suspended or fired because our President (Obama) refuses to faithfully execute the duties of his office.  Instead, I come to work each day, and collect a paycheck twice a month, for intentionally doing little to nothing.  I cannot and will not be party to this fraud; to this usurpation of the law, or to the despicable politicians betraying our nation” the note continued. (end ICE Agent's note, R.I.P.)

Moving forward the public has become the media force which is open source intelligence (OSI) in our upside down world, who else would care for our salvation?  Thank, You!  Kevin Shipp an ex CIA agent has told us that the bloggers, public forums and personal sites have been the lifeboat for humanity, the war has been online.  rightwiththeship, along with thousands of other patriots including a close correspondence of mine which is Nuke Pro (Stock)  have bucked this storm where there has seemed no hope until the Generals took back command of our nation after getting rid of Obama, he was to be the closer.  Here is the list of our military elite who have been purged or fired under Obama, who we still call Barry.

The first regime change was the United States, which shook the world at its foundation of corruption.  President Trump is America's president now backed by our military and for good reason, we were two steps from hell!  The next regime change was Saudi Arabia where many heads rolled which cut off the dark money to U.S. deep state.  After that Zimbabwe Africa, President Robert Mugabe removed, next will be our friends in Europe and then Asia, a world purge of the Luciferian candle burners has begun.  Some Cowboy logic, white hats against the black hats.  Now we'll get to 4chan, QAnon.

4chan Calm Before The Storm

Before POTUS took off to Asia in Nov. he mentioned "calm before the storm", we were all like what the hell is that?  Then we heard of the indictments, today it's in the thousands and Christmas is around the corner and that's not a Lucifer holiday, is it?  After all the news on indictments and finding out that the DOJ has been investigating itself for 11 months along with the FBI, CIA and any other acronym secret agency you can think of and why President Kennedy was killed!

The NSA is helping (close ties to the military) with much info of the deep state machine where we get introduced to QAnon from 4chan.  Going through the threads is riddle and questions to spark your thirst for knowledge of our present dark history and why.  The thread CBTS (calm before the storm) stopped after Nov. 30th (moved to 8chan) after leaving so many bread crumbs for the public to bake a loaf of bread to serve up on the table.

Let's sit at that table and break bread, first the serving of crumbs, which is the complete list of QAnon post.  Next is the desert after such a feeding where I'm not going to make you work for this dish called 'Smart Sheet' which explains all the QAnon questions, your welcome, and Godspeed to all patriots, our military, President Trump and agencies who conformed before hitting this brick wall!

Something not on QAnon List

So what is left?  Oh yeah, the dark corporations and cabal bankers, well that's easy, don't buy their product or service and as far as money can go we have bartering and Bitcoin or any of the other 445 cryptocurrencies but be smart and keep your Crypto Wallet on a brick, separate hard drive from the PC that's not linked when you're online not using your wallet to avoid being hacked.  Then store that little monster in a safe.  Cryptocurrencies are a reality today and being taxed by the IRS as 'Virtual Currencies'  also CBOE Global Markets Inc. will start future trades on Bitcoin Dec. 10th.  Bitcoin futures will begin trading 6 p.m. Sunday evening in New York, Chicago-based CBOE.  After this exclusive trade for a week the exchange operator’s larger Chicago rival CME Group Inc. contracts will begin trading Dec. 18th, Bitcoin is here to stay.  The thing to watch here is if the exchange starts shorting the futures on Bitcoin and the price does not go down, who is in control?  Willigers, that could be a QAnon question.

12/9/17 12:18 PM CST Future Trades on Bitcoin - Crypto
Well, we know who owns the cryptocurrencies now.  The future trading test is shorting Bitcoin and price is falling as I'm writing this.  I always wonder why we could not put a name on the Bitcoin creator, it has been the Fed and Central Banks all along.  The value is controlled like any asset on the market, nothing new except another index, just another Tulip Bubble.

12/9/17 6:18 PM CST
Much testing has gone into the Cryptos and we're seeing this today witnessing full control.

UPDATE: 12/11/17 @ 7:58 AM CST

Bitcoin, you just can't short it!
Good news I'm wrong (and pleases me so) on the Banksters having control of Bitcoin!  The future trades were halted twice as the attempt to short Bitcoin price.   It remains to be seen if the futures and spot prices will converge, with the spread still well in the hundreds of dollars while volatility refuses to ease.  She's a monster of her own, wonder if the Central Banks will cry to shut it down because they have egg on their face this morning!  With the Cryptos there will be no depression to throw the general public into the soup-line.  Cyrpto has removed the shackles from the man-made board of Monopoly.  Don't play the paper contracts the banks will create some type of Crypto arbitrage and derivatives to slow this down if that will even work?   Here is a quote from one of our fine financial ivory tower institutions.  “In a normal, functioning market, good old arbitrage would settle this,” Ole Hansen, head of the commodity strategy at Saxo Bank A/S in Hellerup, Denmark, said by email. “If they were deliverable you could arbitrage the life out of it.”  Thanks for showing your true colors, boys!  Now you know what to do just mine and buy the coins.

"Merry Christmas, Mates"

Two Steps From Hell

Monday, November 27, 2017

U.S. Airforce Jet Porn

Twelve F-35s, now based at Kadena Air Base, Japan, arrived from Utah’s 34th Fighter Squadron, Hill Air Force Base, officials with Pacific Air Forces said in a statement.  It is reported that the Air Force has more than 125, F-35s in its inventory.  I'm a big fan of Pratt & Whitney Canada, it was the PT6A turboprop engine back in the day which removed the co-pilot on short puddle jumps out over the ocean because of the reliability factor. "If I can't run a Pratt & Whitney I'd rather be riding Wendy!"  Delays on this F-35 tech bird were because of production cost incorporating enough engineering changes and affordability initiatives to lower the manufacturing costs.

Well, we're past that now, the Pratt & Whitney F135 is an afterburning turbofan the F135 is the derivative of the proven F119-PW-100 engine developed for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, a single-engine strike fighter.  The F135 family has several distinct variants; a conventional, forward thrust variant and a multi-cycle Short Take-Off Vertical Landing STOVL variant that includes a forward lift fan as seen below.

Media Kit from Lockheed Martin F-35


Show of Force

While service officials describe the move as a routine deployment, called a Theater Security Package, the current tensions with North Korea are by no means lost on the Air Force and other Pentagon planners – who are preparing to demonstrate F-35 power, technology and combat readiness in a series of upcoming exercises.  Roll the film already!

US Military News

F-22 Raptor Gear Up!

"Six F-22 fighters from the U.S. Air Force are scheduled to join the joint South Korea-U.S. air force exercise Vigilant Ace from Dec. 4-8," the officials said.

The Raptor, an air superiority fighter, is capable of flying to key enemy facilities like the Afghanistan narcotic factories (Thanks for that POTUS) and launching precision attacks under the radar.  Its maximum speed is about Mach 2.5 ah, that's 1903.018 mph!

Two Pratt & Whitney F119 engines power the U.S. Air Force’s F-22 Raptor. Supercruise, the ability to operate supersonically without afterburning, gives the F-22 exceptional combat performance without compromising mission range.  The F119 engine delivers unparalleled aircraft maneuverability with its unique two-dimensional pitch vectoring exhaust nozzle.  The F-22’s unique combination of stealth, speed, agility and situational awareness, combined with lethal long-range air-to-air and air-to-ground weaponry, makes it the world’s preeminent air dominance fighter.

The F-22 Raptor combines five distinctive features into one platform:
• Very low observable stealth
• Supercruise
• Extreme agility
• Information fusion
• Enhanced maintainability

Let's just get to the film, look at swarm!  High Alert: US Military to Deploy F-22 Raptors Stealth Fighters to Korea Next Month.  Checkout that maneuver @ 9:20 time stamp, oh that hurts!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Blade has Fallen on Corruption

The blade has fallen on the House of Saud, (Sat) 11 prince one very familiar frequent CNBC guest - Al-Waleed bin Talal and some 38 ministers have been arrested for corruption and money laundering charges on orders from the new anti-corruption committee headed by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, also Royal prince's private planes have been grounded.  That's not all that will be grounded, the flow of money to any deep state organization from this corrupted cabal that rained in the House of Saud is causing Depend Pads to leak!

Just last week Jared Kushner was joined by deputy national security adviser Dina Powell and Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt.  Jared is known to have a relationship with Saudi prince Mohammad Bin Salman.  It's unclear who Jared met in Saudi, or what was discussed.  The White House isn't saying but a friend of Kushner's said it was part of a long game to solve the Israel-Palestine dispute. (that would be good) Among those fired and/or arrested is the head of National Royal Guards, Miteb Bin Abdullah, the Minister of Economy and Planning, Adel Fakeih, and Admiral Abdullah bin Sultan bin Mohammad Al-Sultan, the Commander of the Saudi Naval Forces.  This is huge, King Salman also issued a decree forming an anti-corruption committee headed by the crown prince.  Prince Mohammad is widely seen to be stamping out traces of internal dissent.

Saudi Arabia yesterday intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile near Riyadh's international airport after reportedly been fired from Yemen. Today a helicopter transporting 8 high-ranking Saudi officials including Prince Mansour bin-Muqrin has crashed in the south of the Kingdom, near the border of Yemen.  The war in Yemen is increasingly spilling across the border since a Saudi-led coalition began its military intervention there in 2015.  In the search for a quick victory what is seen as Iranian expansionism in Saudi's backyard, Riyadh (capital city of Saudi Arabia) has so far been unable to remove the Houthis (Zaidi predominantly Shia-led religious-political movement) from Yemeni capital Sanaa.

Sharpening The Blade

President Trump to travel to 5 Asian countries.  He will visit Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines from November 3 to 14.  Looking forward to the results from the Philippines with President Rodrigo Duterte.

So on the President's departure what get's cooked up?  Antifa stages a 19 city protest around the country against fascism and to have President Trump and Vice President Pence removed...  From my chair, this was going on before Trump came into office!  A Mussolini he is not and if fascism was in place we would have a dictator instead of a president. (ah we came close but worst, Marxism)  Also, fascism has no regard for liberalism.  Italian Fascism opposed liberalism, especially classical liberalism that Mussolini and Fascist leaders denounced as "the debacle of individualism".  Well, the Nov. 4th Antifa protest was a flop for the majority of Americans did not spill into the streets to join Antifa.

If anything this is the extension of the coup which has been in place since the Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama regimes.  Even with billionaires like Soros backing this crap you guys are falling on your butts and you're pissed because President Donald Trump is upsetting the apple cart which we have some bad apples!  What we're going to see happen as we move forward is the snake eats his own and will distance himself from exposure.  The puppets that have been enabling the deep state are going to be sacrificed, you failed your boss and bring too much heat to the table.  It has been a year, you lost and you'll keep losing footing as you come out with iron teeth.  Antifa chose Nov. with a spiritual alignment with the 'Hunters Moon', please you guys this is Native American history month and that's our moon.  The hunter becomes the hunted, stop littering the streets you're no hunter, you would be lost in the woods. (maybe weekend warriors)  If this was a structured society of fascism the secret police would be splitting your skulls, you could not protest.  Please go home you have to report to work on Monday.     

Author of “The Trump Prophecy,” Mark Taylor also points out, “America is not under judgment.  It is the systems that are under judgment right now.  Whether it’s our political system or judicial system, the immigration system, and even the church is under judgment right now.  If you are a leader in this country and you are corrupt, God himself is going to expose you, and he will remove you. . .

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Green Weenie Award

Some time ago reading and viewing Alan Simpson, aka uncle AL, had a great concept for our officials who are going against the grain in our society.  "Give Them The Green Weenie"  No creature represents this better than Godzilla, which we'll have him pounding into their butts and get King Kong to push for better penetration!

Yesterday was talking to a close friend, this individual wished to get sick and die because all the crap going on in our society. (wow, that crushed me) Nobody knows this better than myself from fighting corruption with local law enforcement in Carroll County IL. for 18 years now that destroyed my ex-wife and tried to make me look like the monster because I exposed their butts!  These corrupted officials offered me $150,000 to walk away. (oh this goes deep)  Well, this Halloween all these buggers damaging our society are going to be receiving The Green Weenie Award!

The time has come, this is a submarine at great depth which is going to implode, for too long America has had an enemy from within!  Hang on my friend we've been working on this a long time, my life clock is involved in this for you, my family, friends and people of this country who don't know me.  That's why I created rightwiththeship, don't give up my friend, I'd rather die than step off the battlefield and I'm not dead yet!

Time for some incoming!

The Next News Network

Next artillery allocation is going to soften the area of corruption in our country.   Evidence of corruption and criminal conduct has gone ignored too long!

Fox News

It was Planned long Ago

Swear to God, on my Father's grave I can count on both hands and then some the times I've should of been Smoked!

That's not including pixie threats and\or attempts, I left that available.

Epic Music World

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Scare Easy

What separates a brave man from one that scares easy?  In your mind, you can picture the soldier storming a hill where a machine gun nest is placed.  Bullets are literally peppering the ground around him but he just keeps charging up the hillside and throws a grenade through the concrete slot of the bunker, the machine gun is now silent.  He himself can't even believe that he made it to the top but his rage was so focused on that pillbox and his fellow soldiers that were ground up from that machine gun.  A force where time stood still for him to maneuver to complete a mission of impossible odds and ends up in our history books.

True, too, is the reversal of a brave soul as to being scared, at this point you're thinking too much and the outcome is going to hold you as if you're frozen!  A brave soul is the will of your heart, the scared soul is the will of an outside force that threatens to hold you at bay and your only chance is to worry or be scared.  This tactic has rung throughout our human history,  just look at the Vikings, a force that villages feared when seen on the horizon heading for shore, they were scared because of the lack of not being prepared.  If you simply engineer a defensive tactic which will give you confidence when all odds are against you.

Today in our society is no different tactic than what the Vikings represented a long time ago.  It's unfortunate that the spin doctors that sit in the high chair of the kitchen where all this drama is cooked up to create a boogeyman like ISIS which came from a stew of 9/11.  Now we have the Vegas shooting but like most tactics to build fear into the public, we notice too many inconsistencies with the playwright.  At this point no matter the scenario of mass shootings the prime initiative is to disarm America, many heads of state and former heads of state wasted no time in portraying America needs stiffer gun laws, we didn't even have a chance to mourn or bury or dead yet!  There's the true answer; the 1% fear you America and will try time and time again which makes us a feared nation, not to be confused with the man-made board of monopoly (self-interest groups and government) that can impose sanctions on other countries but your name as it appears in all capital letters created by jurisdiction over coastal waters and international law governing relationships (maritime law, early as 1063) between nations.  In short, you're a human being, not a commodity and if one does not think so well mate, they live in fear of being exposed of wrongdoing and\or being stripped of the feed bag$$.

Only sellouts scare easy but a day comes where the Viking taps another on the shoulder, hey what's that hoard? spilling over the hillside!  Fast forward to today, ah, that would be the tiered irate individuals of America who have lost confidence in our lawmakers and justice system a long time ago before President  Trump ever showed up, this crap has been in the pipeline for 100 years.


Thanks Mr Petty, you're still riding shotgun, great song, R.I.P.